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Johnson eletek Battery Co., Ltd. founded in 2004, is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of batteries. The company has fixed assets of $5 million, production workshop of 10,000 square meters, skilled workshop staff of 150 people, 5 fully automatic production lines.
We are a manufacturer specializing in selling batteries. The quality of our products is absolutely reliable. What we can’t do is never to make promises. We don’t boast. We are used to telling the truth. We are used to doing everything with all our strength.
We can’t do anything perfunctory. We pursue mutual benefit, win-win results and sustainable development. We will not arbitrarily offer prices. We know that the business of pitching people is not long-term, so please do not block our offer. Low quality, poor quality batteries, will not appear in the market! We sell both batteries and services, and are committed to providing customers with system solutions.


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  • Can alkaline batteries be recharged

    Alkaline battery is divided into two kinds of rechargeable alkaline battery and non-rechargeable alkaline battery, such as before we used the old-fashioned flashlight alkaline dry battery is not rechargeable, but now due to the change of market application demand, now also have part of the alkali...

  • Button cells batteries – Use of common sense and skills

    Button battery, also called button battery, is a battery whose trait size is like a small button, generally speaking the diameter of the button battery is larger than the thickness. From the shape of the battery to divide, can be divided into columnar batteries, button batteries, square batteries...

  • What is the effect of ambient temperature on the use of lithium polymer batteries?

    The environment in which the polymer lithium battery is used is also very important in influencing its cycle life. Among them, the ambient temperature is a very important factor. Too low or too high ambient temperature can affect the cycle life of Li-polymer batteries. In power battery applicatio...

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ghther the latest high-quality machinery and equipment information

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