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Johnson eletek Battery Co., Ltd. founded in 2004, is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of batteries. The company has fixed assets of $5 million, production workshop of 10,000 square meters, skilled workshop staff of 150 people, 5 fully automatic production lines.
We are a manufacturer specializing in selling batteries. The quality of our products is absolutely reliable. What we can’t do is never to make promises. We don’t boast. We are used to telling the truth. We are used to doing everything with all our strength.
We can’t do anything perfunctory. We pursue mutual benefit, win-win results and sustainable development. We will not arbitrarily offer prices. We know that the business of pitching people is not long-term, so please do not block our offer. Low quality, poor quality batteries, will not appear in the market! We sell both batteries and services, and are committed to providing customers with system solutions.


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  • Characteristics of Nickel-Metal Hydride secondary battery

      There are six key characteristics of NiMH batteries. Charging characteristics and discharging characteristics that mainly show working characteristics, self-discharging characteristics and long-term storage characteristics that mainly show storage characteristics, and cycle life characteri...

  • Difference between carbon and alkaline batteries

    Internal Material Carbon Zinc Battery: Composed of carbon rod and zinc skin, although the internal cadmium and mercury are not conducive to environmental protection, but the price is cheap and still has a place in the market. Alkaline Battery: Do not contain heavy metal ions, high current, condu...

  • Learn how to get the most out of a KENSTAR battery and learn how to properly recycle it.

    *Tips for proper battery care and use Always use the correct size and type of battery as specified by the device manufacturer. Every time you replace the battery, rub the battery contact surface and the battery case contacts with a clean pencil eraser or cloth to keep them clean. When the device ...

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ghther the latest high-quality machinery and equipment information

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