• Can NiMH battery be charged in series? Why?

    Let’s make sure: NiMH batteries can be charged in series, but the correct method should be used. In order to charge NiMH batteries in series, the following two conditions must be met: 1. The nickel metal hydride batteries connected in series should have a corresponding matching battery char...
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  • What is the difference between 14500 lithium batteries and ordinary AA batteries

    In fact, there are three types of batteries with the same size and different performance: AA14500 NiMH, 14500 LiPo, and AA dry cell. Their differences are: 1. AA14500 NiMH, rechargeable batteries. 14500 lithium rechargeable batteries. 5 batteries are non-rechargeable disposable dry cell batteries...
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  • Can alkaline batteries be recharged

    Alkaline battery is divided into two kinds of rechargeable alkaline battery and non-rechargeable alkaline battery, such as before we used the old-fashioned flashlight alkaline dry battery is not rechargeable, but now due to the change of market application demand, now also have part of the alkali...
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  • Button cells batteries – Use of common sense and skills

    Button battery, also called button battery, is a battery whose trait size is like a small button, generally speaking the diameter of the button battery is larger than the thickness. From the shape of the battery to divide, can be divided into columnar batteries, button batteries, square batteries...
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  • What is the effect of ambient temperature on the use of lithium polymer batteries?

    What is the effect of ambient temperature on the use of lithium polymer batteries?

    The environment in which the polymer lithium battery is used is also very important in influencing its cycle life. Among them, the ambient temperature is a very important factor. Too low or too high ambient temperature can affect the cycle life of Li-polymer batteries. In power battery applicatio...
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  • Introduction of 18650 Lithium ion Battery

    Introduction of 18650 Lithium ion Battery

    Lithium battery (Li-ion, Lithium Ion Battery): Lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of light weight, high capacity, and no memory effect, and thus are commonly used – many digital devices use lithium-ion batteries as a power source, although they are relatively expensive. The energy de...
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  • Characteristics of Nickel-Metal Hydride secondary battery

    Characteristics of Nickel-Metal Hydride secondary battery

      There are six key characteristics of NiMH batteries. Charging characteristics and discharging characteristics that mainly show working characteristics, self-discharging characteristics and long-term storage characteristics that mainly show storage characteristics, and cycle life characteri...
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  • Difference between carbon and alkaline batteries

    Difference between carbon and alkaline batteries

    Internal Material Carbon Zinc Battery: Composed of carbon rod and zinc skin, although the internal cadmium and mercury are not conducive to environmental protection, but the price is cheap and still has a place in the market. Alkaline Battery: Do not contain heavy metal ions, high current, condu...
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  • Learn how to get the most out of a KENSTAR battery and learn how to properly recycle it.

    Learn how to get the most out of a KENSTAR battery and learn how to properly recycle it.

    *Tips for proper battery care and use Always use the correct size and type of battery as specified by the device manufacturer. Every time you replace the battery, rub the battery contact surface and the battery case contacts with a clean pencil eraser or cloth to keep them clean. When the device ...
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  • Iron Lithium Battery Receives Market Attention Again

    The high cost of raw materials of ternary materials will also have a negative impact on the promotion of ternary lithium batteries. Cobalt is the most expensive metal in power batteries. After several cuts, the current average electrolytic cobalt per ton is about 280000 yuan. The raw materials of...
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  • The Market Share Of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery In 2020 Is Expected To Grow Rapidly

    01 – lithium iron phosphate shows a rising trend Lithium battery has the advantages of small size, light weight, fast charging and durability. It can be seen from mobile phone battery and automobile battery. Among them, lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary material battery are two maj...
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  • Focus On Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles: Breaking Through The “Chinese Heart” And Entering The “Fast Lane”

    Fu Yu, who has been working in the field of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for more than 20 years, recently has a feeling of “hard work and sweet life”. “On the one hand, fuel cell vehicles will carry out a four-year demonstration and promotion, and the industrial development will ...
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